Basic Black Hitchhiker


All Basic Black Hitchhikers are right handed unless noted otherwise.

Black Kydex used for the front and rear of the holster.

For additional colors, patterns, and carbon fibers, please visit the Semi-Custom Category.  

The holster is setup to accept any of our IWB belt attachments. You can choose which one works best for you and can buy different belt attachments a la carte at another time. We have also created a belt attachment package called The Works which includes all belt attachments (including tuckable soft loop struts) at a discounted price.

Glock models with weapon lights are based on Gen3/Gen4 models unless otherwise noted. The Gen5 G19/17/34 models with weapon lights will not fit the same as Gen3/4. If you have a Gen5 19/17/34 with weapon light that is not specified as "GEN5" please order from the full custom category. 

Quick ship items ship within 14 business days. All holsters will be open cut to allow for threaded barrel, except the Sig P365, which will have a closed bottom to ensure enough room for the RCS Claw. 

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15 Reviews

Luke Capozzoli Oct 29th 2020


I have bought so many holsters. Looking for the best one that just works.. literally 30 holsters... just got the aliengear shape shifter complete piece of shit.. Cross breed many other all freaking crap... found t5. Finally a holster the freaking looks stable on your appendix... and reholstering your piece the holster is were it should be... t5 holsters are top quality..look great and most if all WORK PERFECTLY.. The only holster I will ever buy...PERIOD

Becky A Sep 28th 2020

QUick Ship Hitchhiker

I have become a holster-junkie, but my Hitchhiker is by far my favorite holster! I bought it for my 43X and have worn it with all day comfort! I can't wait to get one for all of my concealed carry options! It also helped that Jerry has been friendly and extremely helpful each time that I had questions. Each time I called, he took time to answer my questions and offer suggestions on what I was looking for and because of that, t5 will definitely be getting more business from me!

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