Basic Black IWB Holster


The Basic Black IWB holster is similar to the Semi-Custom items except it is only available in Black. For additional colors, patterns, and carbon fibers, please visit the Semi-Custom Category.

Usually ships within 14 business days.

This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband primarily in the appendix carry position. However, this style is also comfortable to carry at the 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock position as well.


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Jason Aug 25th 2021


excellent quality. perfect iwb holster if carryng a compt pistol.

Stanley Cantave Jun 25th 2021

T5-quick ship holster - Walther PPQ -m2

I’m fairly new to gun ownership and concealed carry. I bought a Walter PPQ -m2 and was gifted the Olight Baldr Mini light/laser. A great combination but not a lot of holsters to fit it. I did a lot of research and bought the quick ship t5 holster. It’s the only company I found that made a holster to fit my combo. So far, it’s working very well for me . It’s very concealable and fairly comfortable. It came in the timeline they said it would. The retention is perfect. As I get more advanced or buy more guns I’ll be back. I would also recommend to friends and family

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