The T5 Ranger is the ultimate outside-the-waistband holster. We have taken the best qualities of the EOOR and Duty Drop Offset holsters and combined them to create the perfect holster for your open carry needs.  The Ranger is perfect for training at the range or using out on the range. 

With a wide variety of attachment options, you can build the Ranger to the personalized configuration that you have been looking for! In addition, the Ranger has the versatility to be worn with plate carriers or with everyday dress, providing you with even more flexibility of carry.  All Rangers are built compatible with slide-mounted optics and have an optional accommodation for a threaded barrel or compensator.  With your choice of color, attachments, ride height, cant, and other options, the Ranger will be your favorite open carry holster.   

If you were going to design a holster...the Ranger would be it.


PADDLE- easy on easy off, slides behind the waistband, adjustable cant and ride height

BELT SLIDE- 1.5 or 1.75" belt compatible.  Belt slides through and holds very secure. adjustable cant and ride height

TEK-LOK- very secure, wraps around the belt, 1.5, 1.75, 2 and 2.25" belt compatible. adjustable ride height

SPEED CLIPS- easy on easy off without removing your belt, clips over belt, 1.5" or 1.75" belt compatible

RTI HANGER-  mounting plate for an RTI mount, adjustable ride height

RTI HANGER W/ PADDLE- RTI hanger with matched paddle

RTI W/ MOLLE ADAPTER- RTI hanger with attached MOLLE adapter plate for mounting on a MOLLE platform

RTI W/ THIGH RIG- RTI Mule ISS drop leg platform

QLS FORK-  Safariland Quick Lock System.  Fork only, used as part of the QLS system, adjustable cant and ride height

QLS SYSTEM- Complete 2 part system, allows for quick detachment/ change of holster without removing from belt, adjustable cant and ride height

DD/OS (gen 1)- , Competition focused, belt mounted by way of Tek Lok, the hanger lowers the holster and sets it away from the body. adjustable cant and ride height

DD/OS (gen 1) W/THIGH STRAP- with single thigh strap 

DD/OS (gen 2)-   directly mounted to the belt, adjustable cant and ride height

DD/OS (gen 2) W/THIGH STRAP- Duty focused, Bladetech 2nd generation Duty Drop of Set, with optional thigh strap

UBL MID DROP-.  Holster direct mounts or used with QLS.  Holds holster down and away from the belt. adjustable cant and ride height

UBL MID DROP W/ THIGH STRAP- Safariland Drop Offset platform with optional thigh strap

UBL MID DROP W/ QLS SYSTEM-  Safariland Drop Offset platform with 1 set of QLS (1 Fork and 1 Mount)

UBL MID DROP W/ QLS SYSTEM and THIGH STRAP-  Safariland Drop Offset platform with 1 set of QLS (1 Fork and 1 Mount) and optional thigh strap


BLACKOUT Ranger holsters have the same gun model options as the Ranger holsters but are two-tone with Black on the outside and your choice of inside color. 


Usually ships in 5 to 7 business days.

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11 Reviews

Frank Mar 9th 2022

Product knowledge.

My favorite and go to holster own several from T5custom. The accessories provided for safariland and drop left, IWB,OWB are superior. Fit and finish are beyond exceptional. I recently made the mistake of not contacting customer service prior to ordering a holster for a 1911 style frame. Me being the know it all about guns I reinforced the jackass side of me. If you have any questions regarding fit for your gun do not hesitate to reach out to customer service/support. Jerry is phenomenal and is taking care of my dilemma. Awesome product

Nick Nov 26th 2021

Quality holster

Holster fits my cz SP-01 tactical perfectly. Holster is also durable and the material is thick. Delivered on time. Can't wait to order a custom duty holster for work.

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