BLACKOUT Semi-Custom IWB Holster

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This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband primarily in the appendix carry position. However, this style is also comfortable to carry at the 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock position as well.

BLACKOUT Semi-Custom holsters have the same gun model options as the Semi-Custom holsters but have are two-tone with Black on the outside and your choice of inside color. 

Glock models with weaponlights are based on Gen3/Gen4 models unless otherwise noted. The Gen5 G19/17/34 models with weaponlights will not fit the same as Gen3/4. If you have a Gen5 19/17/34 with weaponlight please order from the full custom category. 

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3 Reviews

Craig May 2nd 2019

Love this holster

I have been looking for a holster like this for my XDs for a while. Love that I can use different clips on this holster. I hope to order another one soon.

Patrick Spears Apr 26th 2019

Awesomely made

Bought this for my sig p320 X Carry. Great quality. Fast production and shipping time. Very comfortable to wear all day. They do great work!

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