Bro, do you even sweatguard?

We get the question about sweatguards are, what they do, and what is right for me. The answers aren't always the same for everyone but there are some guidelines that will help you choose what's right for you and your method of carry.

High Sweat Guard

Rises to the top of the slide. Provides the most protection between the user and the firearm. This style of sweatguard is most popular for inside the waistband carry at the 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock position.

Medium Sweat Guard

The medium guard is a popular cut for our appendix carry holsters, or generally any setup where you wish to have some sort of sweat guard between the user and the firearm. This is the most popular selection for inside or outside the waistband holsters.

Low or No Sweat Guard

This option is popular for Outside the waistband holsters, especially the DDOS and EOOR holsters. This is a popular option for these holsters since they don't make contact with the body. Unlike the medium or high sweat guard, there is nothing to index against to aid in reholstering. The front and back of the holster essentially sit flush with each other. Again, this is ideal for a range style holster and my not work for you for inside the waistband situations.