Wedge, claw, or both?

We sometimes get the question, "What is the wedge, is it the same as the claw?" The wedge and claw are two separate options that can work independently of each other or work together to achieve maximum concealment.

The RCS Holster Wedge is designed to mount to the inside face of the holster shell toward the muzzle end, the Holster Wedge will help lever the top and grip of the weapon into the body and maximize concealment especially in an AIWB configuration.

The RCS VG Claw is designed to mount below the trigger guard and is used to leverage the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw. This style claw is used on our non-light-bearing holsters.

The Belt Claw mounts to the side of the trigger guard area and juts out toward the belt line. As the belt is tightened, it pushes against the Claw and levers the grip of the weapon into the body. The shape of the Claw is designed to blend into the lines of the holster shell for comfort. The serrations on the face of the Claw are meant to “grab” the pants material to minimize holster movement, but are blunted to prevent damage to clothing. This style claw is used on our light-bearing holsters.

We sell the claws separately and they come with the required mounting hardware. We plan to also sell the wedge separately as well with a removable feature included.