Cuff and Mag Combo Carrier



This carrier offers the capacity to carry a pistol mag and a set of handcuffs both in the same carrier. It works with all double stack 9mm, .357sig, and 40 S&W magazines and Smith & Wesson Chained Cuffs or Peerless Chained Cuffs. Built-in adjustable retention for both the mag and handcuff, featuring the MRD (magazine retention device) which can be adjusted to fit a variety of pistol mag models by simply adjusting the MRD. This carrier also features the option for an embedded magnet to reduce handcuff chain rattle.


The Combination OWB Belt Slide fits 1.5” & 1.75” belts.


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11 Reviews

William Murphy Dec 21st 2022

Best out there

This is by far the best product on the market. It is the only handcuff and mag carrier that I’ve found sits off of your belt enough that when sitting in a car it is not digging into your side. The tech lock system is great and the retention adjustments are super simple. The addition of the handcuff chain magnet it a must have and prevents this carrier from making any noise at all. Great product, would recommend to anybody.

Eric Apr 5th 2022

Super High Quality

This mag/cuff carrier is of the highest quality. The customer service is outstanding. I will be ordering more items in the future. As a law enforcement agent, I am particular about my equipment. This item checks all the boxes.

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