Full Custom E.O.O.R. (Easy On/Off Rig)

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The E.O.O.R. is a great way to carry outside the waistband without having to thread your belt through belt loops. Belt attachment options include: Tek-Lok, Paddle, or Speed Clips. The Tek-Lok and Paddle will fit any belt size and the Speed Clips are available in 1.5" or 1.75". The cant can easily be adjusted by the user with a screwdriver. This holster has an open cut bottom by default. 

The current lead time on the Full Custom category is 6 weeks. Custom orders placed after 10/21/18 will have up to an 8 week lead time.

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1 Review

Mike Tipton Aug 1st 2018

Holster for Wilson Combat 92G

I have a Wilson Combat 92G, which is not a common pistol. I contacted 7 other kydex holster makers and they all dismissed my request often rudely and curtly. But Jerry worked with me from day one through numerous emails answering all my questions, even those that were the result of my ignorance of the process. My holster arrive ahead of his estimate and fits my pistol like a glove. I thoroughly examined the holster and the fit and finish are excellent. I am in the process of buying another pistol and they will get my business for it and any other purchases in the future. The product and the people are the best in the business.

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