Full Custom IWB Holster

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This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband primarily in the appendix carry position. However, this style is also comfortable to carry at the 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock position as well.

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7 Reviews

Brady j. Aug 18th 2018

Custom IWB holder HK VP9 with TLR-1 HL

I had T5 make a custom holster for my HK VP9 LE with a stream light TLR-1 HL tax light mounted on it because that’s my Every day carry weapon and wanted a holster that would fit the weapon with the light on it. I couldn’t be happier with the results, there are no catches on the inside that snag the gun on the draw and with a little adjusting of the tension I was able to make the draw perfect for my needs, not too lose as to allow it to fall out during any activity, like back flips on the dance floor of a wedding, and not too tight where as I can’t draw the weapon without being concerned about it the holster was going to come out with it. The holster looks amazing and I’m now the envy of all my friends that every day carry. A word to the wise the holster DOES NOT come with any form of belt claw so if you want one you will need to order one separately. That wasn’t T5’s fault I just misread something in the blog section about the belt claws and interpreted it as meaning the holster would come with one. Over all a 5 star product and a 5 star company if your looking for quality.

Joseph Chung Aug 18th 2018


There are a lot of quality holsters on the market today, but only T5 Kydex brings top level quality with a near unlimited amount of options.

T5 Kydex is really head and shoulders above the rest.

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