Full Custom T5 Papillon

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The T5 Papillon is one of our original Hitchhiker designs. Like its namesake , the T5 Papillon (Butterfly) transformed from its original form into a beautiful new form after being dormant for a period of time. 

The T5 Papillon is an inside the waistband holster with a slot for a spare magazine, just like the T5 Hitchhiker. This holster is designed to be worn in the appendix carry position and flexes in the middle so that it is more comfortable to different body types. The T5 Papillon comes standard with two tuckable overhooks and a claw. There is a choice between the Tacware Clips and the RCS Overhooks. Light bearing holsters will be set up with the RCS Belt Claw and non-light-bearing holsters will have the RCS VG Claw. The light bearing versions will also have two mounting points for the belt attachments so that the user can mount an additional clip for stability if the holster and mag carrier are separated.  

 Full Custom orders placed on/after 8/27/2021 will have a lead time of 14-16 weeks.

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8 Reviews

J.L. Strack Dec 13th 2020

Superior Quality with Consistent Presentation

The Papillon's design and superior construction insure a consistent weapon presentation for a range of carry positions between 10- 12- 2 o'clock. Moreover, this Butterfly style offers GREATER COMFORT during activities (or when transitioning between standing and sitting) WITHOUT READJUSTING. Just like other T5 products, the superior craftsmanship of the Papillon enables it to fit my weapon with its attachments like a glove.

Adam Dec 9th 2020

Excellent product

The best holster that I have owned! I was skeptical of the quality would be at first because I was ordering a very uncommon configuration of the papillon but my skepticism quickly turned to admiration after it arrived. The retention out of box was perfect and I did not have to mess around with the mag retention like I normally would with other brands. The fit itself was excellent and beyond comfortable during everyday activities and driving. I usually have issues with printing because I don’t typically wear heavy clothing but so far I have not had any noticeable printing with this setup! The papillon is a great product that I will absolutely come back for!

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