RCS Belt Claw (Light-Bearing)

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The RCS Belt Claw is designed to mount to the side of the trigger guard and is used to leverage the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw. This is the Claw we use for light-bearing holsters.


Claws are all the rage in the holster industry these days, but just like belt loops, claws made out of sheet stock are prone to stress fractures and failures. These injection molded Claws from RCS will not have that problem.
*Includes mounting hardware*


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2 Reviews

Ralphjoscel M Lumba Oct 30th 2017

Must for guys with tactical tire

I'm 5'10 sitting at 220 with a spare tire, and I've had trouble with printing. The grip of my pistol poked out making it obvious I was carrying, even when wearing loose fitting clothing. The claw works perfectly, pushing that grip tight to my stomach. Now I'm able to wear even fitted shirts.

Jerod Finch Oct 18th 2017

Helpful product

I was skeptical about the claw working that well but once I put it on the holster and wore it for a bit I can see a difference in concealment. It doesn't make it disappear but it does push the firearm closer to the body in the grip area. Seems to help with a more clean few as well. $10 well spent and I wish I would have got it out on from the beginning

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