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The RCS VG Claw is designed to mount below the trigger guard and is used to leverage the grip of the pistol close to the body, while still allowing for a clean, repeatable draw.


Claws are all the rage in the holster industry these days, but just like belt loops, claws made out of sheet stock are prone to stress fractures and failures. These injection molded Claws from RCS will not have that problem.
*Includes mounting hardware*


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2 Reviews

Michael S Lambiotte May 29th 2018


Works great! The price was under many competitors and the shipping made it even more attractive. Had to slightly file down one screw after placing on holster to eliminate a snag - no big deal. Actually considering a OWB holster but the prices are on the high side. This will not prevent a purchase...only make me think and research a little more. Great accessories.

Ryne C Feb 13th 2018

Works Perfect!

Had to modify it cuz it was going on a holster not built ready for a claw but boy does this thing do the trick! Without it you could see the stick out of my Grip end and the claw made it disappear! You can even squeeze the shirt against your body and still couldn’t make anything out.. excellent addition to your conceal holster!

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