Semi-Custom E.O.O.R. (Easy On/Off Rig)


The E.O.O.R. is a great way to carry outside the waistband without having to thread your belt through belt loops. The Combination OWB Belt Slide fits 1.5” & 1.75” belts. The Tek-Lok and Paddle will fit any belt size and the Speed Clips are available in 1.5" or 1.75". The cant can easily be adjusted by the user with a screwdriver. This holster has an open cut bottom by default. 

Semi-Custom holsters have the same gun model options as the Quick Ship holsters but have an expanded color/pattern selection.


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14 Reviews

Rich Kunckel Sep 2nd 2020

Easy-On, Easy Off Holster for FN-X Tactical Pistol

I am very impressed with this holster! I fits the firearm like a glove! Literally. The holster is equipped with retention screws to adjust how tightly the holster grips the gun...from the factory it was set spot on! Additionally, the Kydex is formed to contour the firearm in a way I've yet to see in other Kydex holsters; which is why I believe this holster holds the firearm so snugly. I used it teaching a self defense pistol class where there is a lot of movement, ground work and running, and my gun didn't move. I've had several other Kydex holsters that do not have a retention strap or some other retention device to keep the pistol in the holster during movement, and none do as good a job as keeping your piece in place as this holster does! I will be ordering other holsters for my other firearms without a doubt! Thank you for making a phenomenal product at a reasonable price!

Tim Smith May 29th 2020

Years of Abuse

I’ve been running Jerry’s holsters for a number of years. I don’t just EDC them or use them for competition but I drag them through gravel, and they get beat against door frames and hundreds and hundreds of draws during teaching an advanced class. So when I get a new gun, I only reach out to T5 to get new gear. What impresses me is how every new batch of holsters I get, the quality always increases or there is some process that makes it stand out above the rest. You won’t be disappointed, I haven’t been. Senior Instructor - Nite Ops Low Light (Formerly SureFire Institute)

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