Semi-Custom E.O.O.R. (Easy On/Off Rig)


The E.O.O.R. is a great way to carry outside the waistband without having to thread your belt through belt loops. The Combination OWB Belt Slide fits 1.5” & 1.75” belts. The Tek-Lok and Paddle will fit any belt size and the Speed Clips are available in 1.5" or 1.75". The cant can easily be adjusted by the user with a screwdriver. This holster has an open cut bottom by default. 

Semi-Custom holsters have the same gun model options as the Quick Ship holsters but have an expanded color/pattern selection.


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12 Reviews

Caleb Struble May 13th 2020


Semi-Custom E.O.O.R. for Sig P320 X Series w/suppressor sights, TLR1, and RomeoPro: I did research and checked dozens of holster companies, But had trouble finding a custom Kydex that would fit my model of pistol with attachments. I reached out to Jeremy, and he immediately responded and told me they could make one that would fit. T5’s customer service was excellent and I ended up placing an order for a co-worker who has the same pistol set up. I highly recommend T5 and will continue to recommend to my LEO partners. I got this holster for open carry/range Off duty work. I really like the Paddle system. The fit and finish and the kryptek pattern looks perfect. Thank you very much T5! I would give 10 stars but I’m capped at 5! -Caleb

Christopher Gutshall Nov 1st 2019

Semi-Custom E.O.O.R. for CZ P-07 w/suppressor sights, APLc and Primary Machine comp/brake

I thought that the first holster I ordered (Semi-Custom IWB Holster) from T5 was the best. That was until I received the E.O.O.R. I still love the IWB for concealment, but THIS one is truly excellent. I got it for open carry/range use and maybe some 'shoot steel' matches. I really like the Tek-Lok system. Perfect fit and finish. Top notch! Thank you very much.

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