Semi-Custom Hitchhiker


All Semi-Custom Hitchhikers are right handed unless noted otherwise.

The Hitchhiker is an inside the waistband holster with a slot for a spare magazine. This holster is designed to be worn in the appendix carry position but can be worn on the side as well (3 o'clock for right handed).
We are limited to the gun models that we currently have magazines for, but we are adding new models every week. If you don't see your gun listed email us at 

The holster is setup to accept any of our IWB belt attachments. You can choose which one works best for you and can buy different belt attachments a la carte at another time. We have also created a belt attachment package called The Works which includes all belt attachments (including tuckable soft loop struts) at a discounted price.

The Sig P365 Hitchhiker Holster will have a closed bottom to ensure enough room for the RCS Claw. 

Semi-Custom holsters have the same gun model options as the Quick Ship holsters but have an expanded color/pattern selection.

Glock models with weapon lights are based on Gen3/Gen4 models unless otherwise noted. The Gen5 G19/17/34 models with weaponlights will not fit the same as Gen3/4. If you have a Gen5 19/17/34 with weapon light that is not specified as "GEN5" please order from the full custom category. 

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24 Reviews

Colin Dec 30th 2021

Glock 26 Hitchhiker

This is the fourth T5 holster I’ve bought. The holster shipped 13 business days after I placed the order and was at my door two days later, so lead time was perfectly reasonable for what an awesome product you get! This one, much like the others, is very well constructed with quality materials and parts. When you wear it, you get the sense a lot of tender loving care went into making it. The holster holds my 26 securely in place, while not being too tight for an easy, repeatable draw. The magazine slot functions as excepted. It is deep enough to prevent your magazine from printing but enough of the magazine is raised that I have little trouble retrieving a 10rd magazine from the slot. Most importantly, it’s not uncomfortable at all. I have it set up with the RCS overhooks and the belt claw. I think I’m going to try the Ulti-Clips at some point. The overhooks sometimes appear a little bulky under a tight shirt. Despite that, the holster makes the firearm itself conceal nicely under a loose T-shirt. It fits my specific body shape well, it is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This one is a little up there in price for my budget and frankly for how much the pistol itself cost me, but it is completely worth it. Do not cheap out on your holster, especially if you’re like me and you’re fond of carrying with one in the chamber. I love my T5 Hitchhiker holster a lot. I cannot recommend it and T5 Custom Kydex enough.

Jim Aug 31st 2021

Hellcat Semi-custom Hitchiker

Have purchased many AIWB holsters from competitors, but this had the best fitment and retention out of them all. Very happy with this product and look forward to purchasing more in the future. Turnaround time was very reasonable as well.

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