Semi-Custom OWB Holster

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This holster is designed to be worn outside the waistband primarily in the 3 o'clock or 5 o'clock carry position.

Semi-Custom holsters have the same gun model options as the Quick Ship holsters but have an expanded color/pattern selection.

Glock models with weaponlights are based on Gen3/Gen4 models unless otherwise noted. The Gen5 G19/17/34 models with weaponlights will not fit the same as Gen3/4. If you have a Gen5 19/17/34 with weaponlight please order from the full custom category. 

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6 Reviews

Sam Bushman Jun 9th 2018

Holster and customer service

Absolutely love my holster, t5 was the only company I could find that made a holster for m&p 2.0 5inch with streamlight. Fits like a glove and is very comfortable. Custom Service was very responsive and friendly. Will be doing business with them again.

Chad May 18th 2018

Sharp Edges

This is a great holster. The edges on the sweat guard were a little sharp and uncomfortable, so I used some 220 grit sandpaper to soften them. Additionally, I ordered the sweat guard as "medium," and I'm pretty sure I got "high." It's all good though; I like the high sweat guard fine.

This holster fits the contour of my waist well. (My waist is 34 inches.) The holster retention is really nice as well. I have adjusted the retention screw so that my pistol stays put, and my draw is smooth and fast. I ordered this holster for a glock 17, and I'm using it with both a glock 17 and glock 19. This holster is well made and seems like a high quality piece of gear; the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the sharp edges which are no longer an issue. I really like this holster, and I'd recommend it to a friend.

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