TDI Sheath


This sheath is designed so you can carry it the way that best fits your needs. It is designed with a lower profile than the factory sheath. This sheath offers ambidextrous and adjustable carry, just remove the screws and position the belt loops the way you want. Be sure to reapply blue Loctite once you select your method of carry. The default position that your sheath will arrive in is with the sheath worn on the left side with the handle facing rearward. This Sheath is specifically designed to fit the following Ka-Bar models 1477, 1480, & 1481 TDI Law Enforcement Knives. Please let us know if you have the 1480 with the notch. 

Newer design allows for additional belt attachments including tuckable features which allows for deeper concealment. A TekLok can also be mounted to OWB carry.   

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Chris Oct 23rd 2019

TDI Sheath of Awesomeness

I've had this for at least 7 months now. Using the soft loops, I've carried on both sides and at the 11 and 1 o'clock positions. Sheath is well made, retention is still great!

Randy Cantrell Oct 16th 2019

TDI sheath

Very well made and useful.

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